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14th January 2018
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Clive Roberts from Lancing
26th August 2015

Clive’s story

Having had a lovely holiday in Mexico on our return I fell very ill.

 On my first day back to work I was very sick. Rushing back home I had the worst diarrhoea and sickness you could have.

 The doctor was called and I was rushed into the A&E department then onto the I .T.U ward at Worthing.

 There I spent the next ten days fighting for my life then I was transferred into the royal Sussex county hospital at Brighton onto the renal dialysis ward there I spent another two weeks.

 I had contracted e-coli with two other unidentified bacterial infections; I had a multi organ failure to have renal dialysis and blood transfusions.  I was dying.

 I really don’t know how I survived , I know my church and family were praying for me and I truly believe it was a miracle that got me through it.

 I have been told I have kidney damage and probably will not go back to my work as a scaffolder.

 Five months later I am still recovering and having follow up care to discuss my memories and experiences as a patient I would like to thank all those doctors, nurses, and the many staff who worked so hard for my life.

 If I could help in anybody who is going through this, I would do my very best to help.

Clive aged 62

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Clive’s story.... read
15th November 2011

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