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14th January 2018
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Sam's Story
26th September 2015
Two years ago this September I caught e coli in France on holiday. They have not been able to pinpoint it precisely to which restaurant or food shop.
I took penicilin in France which of course makes HUS worse. I became more ill as the holiday progressed. We got an early ferry back but my local night GP service refused to see me until I pleaded. I was told that I had an upset stomach.
The GP missed me being unable to wee, stomach swelling, hypertension, anaemia and dehydration. Over night I became very ill with non stop vomiting. The following morning my husband persuaded eventually with the GP service to send someone out. They eventually did this. It took the new GP a few minutes to get me admitted.
After many hours of being left alone at my local hospital where they couldnt even get a line in to my collapsed veins, I was told it might be gastroenteritis. Something changed in the night and my husband woke me to say that there was an argument on the ward where I had been islolated to send me to Derby Royal.
The next morning after falling off the ambulance bed where they had forgotten to strap me in properly, I arrived at Derby to a very different story. There was a team waiting whilst I was isolated. Within hours I had been put on dialysis and diagnosed. They very quickly got everything under control with dialysis and plasma exchange.
The family was informed that I was very seriously ill.
The team at Derby were with me every step of the way through 6 weeks of recovery. Unfortunately i had an abdominal haematoma whilst on the ward that had ripped during the night and the senior nurse did not believe me,  It took until the following morning to get me off the floor with a blood transfusion with all that I had lost overnight, and some pain relief at last. It is a closed matter at the hospital by my choice but this is a special website where I want to say what I went through.
Moving on I have had wonderful care from all of the renal team at Derby during the last 2 years. I am still battling blood pressure and other issues but I am at full time work and functioning most of the time.   Derby have an 'open access' policy to the wards and the consultants who will do anything they can to help and reassure. Without Dr Selby and his team I would not be telling this story.
They are doing wonderful work to make dialysis and other treatments better (via the medical school in Nottingham)but their funding keeps getting pulled. They are proposing simple changes that they have discovered which could take the pressure off the NHS and GP's. Please could those bodies funding research look at the simpler things that could make such a difference to patients' renal outcomes especially the way in which it is proposed to reprogramme an mri scanner to see kidney damage properly? 
Sam Pallett


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26th September 2015

Two years ago this September I caught e coli in France on holiday. They have not been able to pinpoint it precisely to which restaurant or food shop. .... read
26th August 2015

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