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14th January 2018
Unfortunately, we are sad to announce that after 20 years in existence, HUSH has ceased. We would like to thank everyone for their help and support..... read article
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The following pages contain testimonies from people who have experienced the effects of E.coli O157. To read an article, click on the headline or '', and the article will appear here.

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16th November 2005

My daughter Caitlin was diagnosed with E.coli O157 then developed HUS. She was on 24 hour dialysis for 2 weeks at Bristol Children's Hospital but remained quite poorly for some time with diffe.... read
14th October 2005

My son, who was two and a half at the time, caught E.coli from some  unpasteurised cheese that I had bought from a cheese stall, not kno.... read
16th March 2005

Like many people I first heard of E.coli O157 when an outbreak in Wishaw (central Scotland) during 1996 claimed the lives of 20 elderly people - my friend's two grandparents included. However, once.... read
16th March 2005

My daughter contracted E.coli O157 following a weekend away in the country during November 1994 - she was four and a half years old. Over the weekend she developed diarrhoea, which became p.... read
9th November 2004

I contacted HUSH in 2002 when I realised that my daughter had a life-threatening disease, and I had no-one turn to. Suddenly there was a life-line. I was in contact with people who had been through.... read
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