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14th January 2018
Unfortunately, we are sad to announce that after 20 years in existence, HUSH has ceased. We would like to thank everyone for their help and support..... read article
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The following pages contain testimonies from people who have experienced the effects of E.coli O157. To read an article, click on the headline or '', and the article will appear here.

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8th May 2007

At this stage, I still dont think we realised how serious her condition was. Within hours of arriving, we were told that her kidneys had completely shut down. In the middle of the night she was tak.... read
26th April 2007

Our 4 year old daughter fell ill with E.coli O157 on the 13th October 2006 and was admitted to Edinburgh Sick Kids. It developed into HUS and our world seemed to fall apart. Decisions were made for.... read
6th December 2006

Our daughter Lauren was 3 years old when she became ill after eating a burger at a well known fast food restaurant in December 1999. She started to develop flu-like symptoms and within a few days w.... read
5th October 2006

Where to begin... well it seems like a life time ago now since Katie and Rachel had E-coli in 1996. It started out as a special treat to a high street fast food restaurant (I us.... read
18th April 2006

On 19 September 1999 my husband Denis died suddenly at the age of just 43. I was away for the weekend for my birthday and what started as a wonderful weekend turned into the blackes.... read
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