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14th January 2018
Unfortunately, we are sad to announce that after 20 years in existence, HUSH has ceased. We would like to thank everyone for their help and support..... read article
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21st September 2013

Research by Scientists have indicated that a vaccine given to cattle could reduce the number of cases by nearly 85%. Although one the vaccine manufactures claim to have a s.... read
1st September 2013

HUSH have been contacted by Stephen Bath, the assistant producer from a company called 'betty' who make 'The Food Inspectors' programme for BBC Television. They wish to talk to any HUS.... read
28th July 2013

The University of Alberta reports they have developed a new testing device that can detect E.coli while meat is still in the food processing premises.  The test is rapid and only takes.... read
16th June 2013

HUSH responded to the above consultation on 21/05/13. Although it is a short consultation response from ourselves, it embodies our core principle of putting the safety of the public first. The char.... read
11th May 2013

The Scottish Parliament has decided to run a consultation on creating a new food body to replace the Food Standards Agency in Scotland. Our consultation response can be found in the left hand colum.... read
21st April 2013

Bioniche Life Sciences, a research-based technology-driven Canadian biopharmaceutical company, has produced a vaccine that has been given a unique provision to allow them to import Econiche®&nb.... read
6th April 2013

The Scottish Government has decided to consult whether to introduce a new food body run by themselves which would replace the Food Standards Agency [FSA]. The consultation run by the Scottish Execu.... read
2nd March 2013

HUSH has recently submitted a response to the Call for Evidence on Animal Health,  Welfare and Food Safety Review of EU Legislation from the Department  for the Environment, Food an.... read
2nd March 2013

The University of Glasgow has completed a report and study into the Feasibility of Introducing Methods in the UK for Reducing Shedding of E. coli O157 in Cattle. Their report recommen.... read
28th February 2013

aHUSUK, the patient support group (for those whose HUS is not as a result of E.coli infection) would like you to support their latest online petition.  They are calling for Health Ministers to.... read
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