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14th January 2018
Unfortunately, we are sad to announce that after 20 years in existence, HUSH has ceased. We would like to thank everyone for their help and support..... read article
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26th August 2015

Clive Roberts from Lancing recently sent us his personal story about his near death experience after suffering from E.coli. This shows how serious suffering from such bacterium can be and that prev.... read
1st August 2015

According to news reports, a butchers shop in Billingham, Teesside has agreed to close after 15 cases of E.coli infection. This is as a precaution. The reported cases appear to be from cooked meat..... read
29th March 2015

The Charity has sent the following letter to the Food Standards Agency in relation to burgers being cooked rare: Mr Steve Wearne Director of Policy.... read
29th March 2015

Our colleagues at aHUS have arranged an international awareness day on 24th September 2015. This is to mark the 60th anniversary of the the term Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome being mentioned .... read
5th October 2014

HUSH has supported an application for a feasibility study of the drug Eculizumab, for HUS sufferers. The drug is currently being successfully used for sufferers of a similar illness ca.... read
17th May 2014

HUSH has responded to the Food Standards Agence [FSA] Consultation on Raw/Unpasteurised Milk. Our response can be found in Consultations/Documents on our home page. We would like .... read
26th January 2014

HUSH has responded to the Department of Environment's Farming and Rural Affairs [Defra] call for evidence on Argriculture. This document can be found in the Consultation/Report Documents secti.... read
9th December 2013

The Herald newspaper in Scotland reported in an article on Friday 6th December 2013 edition that two children both under 5 years old, had become infected with the bacteruim E.coli 01.... read
20th October 2013

HUSH has submitted the following consultation responses,  to the FSA's review of Power of Entry 11-10-2013 & to the FSA's Consulation on THE FOOD SAFETY AND HYGIENE (ENGLAND) REGULATIONS 2.... read
5th October 2013

HUSH and its members have been very supportive of our efforts to persuade NHS England to provide the drug eculizumab to those aHUS patients who need it. Our petitions etc  have just recently.... read
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