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L.M.E. - Hampshire
28th April 2009

I would like to offer a short recollection of my daughter's survival from H.U.S.

This may encourage hope where this seems unbeatable. My news of a happy outcome may just help somebody feel that there is a chance that all will come right again. The H.U.S. support group were able to send me helpful information and lend a sympathetic ear - I spoke to a very kind and knowledgeable member and so am forwarding this outcome story to her to be shared.

My daughter was 26 when she went to Egypt on holiday with her boyfriend. All was well until halfway through their two weeks in a lovely hotel, with everything there for a fantastic holiday, when she became ill. The doctor treated her in the hotel clinic until it was realised that she was not getting better, and in fact was getting worse.

She was taken to hospital in Luxor where everything was done to identify what was wrong and the usual steps were taken to try to stop the diarrhoea and sickness. She was becoming very weak. The doctors, unable to diagnose what was wrong, agreed to medicate her sufficiently to allow her to be 'fit to fly'.

She deteriorated on the flight back home and an ambulance was called for in advance to collect her from the runway to take her to the A & E at the hospital nearest to the airport. From there, in early hours of the morning, she was unbelievably discharged with only tablets, even though she was vomiting and losing blood, as they saw no indication of anything alarming.

Her boyfriend brought her home to me and a home visit was arranged for her GP to call. We received a phone call to say that he was unable to attend and suggested that we called an ambulance. She was taken to the A & E of our local hospital where she waited on a chair in a cubicle for 4 hours until eventually she was admitted to be observed overnight.

In the morning, doctors ordered emergency surgery as, when examined, they declared that only one hour remained in which to save her. Her organs were ceasing to function. There had been delay after delay!

During surgery, much of the colon was removed as there were blackened intestines caused by clots on the colon wall affecting blood flow. A colostomy bag was fitted. This happened after sepsis of the body functions, the red blood cells rupturing and the clotting system going into chaos. She also had clots behind her eyes and she lost some vision for a period.

She was in great danger for many days whilst all was done to support body functions. Her kidneys had shut down, she was ventilated, had tracheostomies, MRSA on the 'wound' and flooded lungs, at one time suspected brain damage - many, many dreadful events.

Eventually, the biopsy of her kidneys showed evidence of E. coli, pointing to a diagnosis of H.U.S.

After 58 days in Intensive Care and the High Dependency Unit, stunningly and miraculously, she was well enough to leave hospital. Later on she had the colostomy reversal and the rest of her colon was removed.

Doctors had told me that she would not be able, for about two years, for example, to walk around a supermarket, without sitting down to rest.

She was impatient and brave! She went back to work before she needed to, returned to riding (her love) and bought her own horse which she keeps at DIY livery, doing all the hard physical work herself and riding every day. She takes minor daily medication to help with the absence of the colon - that's all. She's just like her old self! Her glow is back and she takes every day in her own way, stopping at nothing! Living life to the full again!

Do keep hope in your hearts for your H.U.S. sufferer - it can be a tragic outcome but can also have a happy ending.

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22nd October 2009

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28th April 2009

I would like to offer a short recollection of my daughter's survival from H.U.S. This may encourage hope where this seems unbeatable. My news of a happy outcome may just help somebody feel .... read
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