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14th January 2018
Unfortunately, we are sad to announce that after 20 years in existence, HUSH has ceased. We would like to thank everyone for their help and support..... read article
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Consultation/Report Documents

Public Consultation documents and reports for you to download.

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5th February 2012

The charity believe that where community halls prepare and serve food on a regular basis, that they should be registered as a food business, and furthermore, they should be inspected at suitable in.... read
21st May 2011

Dr Andrew Wadge, Director of Food Policies at the Agency, in his Board paper 10/10/05 for the FSA Board Meeting of 12/10/2010, appears to be arguing in his advice that only the use of RANs is requi.... read
13th March 2011

Whilst we appreciate that this is a very difficult time for the milk industry and that they are not paid a fair price for milk that is to be pasteurised, we wish to see the consumer protected to, a.... read
11th February 2011

The charity believes that there are a number of weaknesses in the Strategy, in relation to reducing foodbourne illness, which we have raised on many previous occasions with the Agency. This mainly .... read
2nd October 2010

Our comments on this Food Standard Agency [FSA] Consultation are as follows..... read
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