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28th February 2017
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What is HUSH?

Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome Help (HUSH) is a charitable organisation set up in 1997 following the outbreak of E.coli O157 in Central Scotland (Wishaw) when 20 people died and there were 497 reported cases.

This tragedy brought together families from throughout the U.K. whose lives were affected by the bacterium and HUSH was formed. 


What are our aims?

The organisation was set up with the following aims in mind:-

  • To create a means of communication between families affected by E.coli O157, to prevent a feeling of isolation and to put recent sufferers in contact with long standing sufferers who have previously suffered this illness.

  • To increase public awareness of E.coli O157 and disseminate information as to the steps that can be taken to avoid infection.

  • To increase knowledge/awareness of GP’s and Accident and Emergency Departments in order to speed up diagnosis.

  • To encourage the Government to legislate effectively in order to decrease E.coli O157 poisoning cases.